CT-4S Plasma Thawer

CT-4S Plasma Thawer Defroster
  • Thaws up to 4 plasma bags (600 ml) of Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) at a time
  • Most compact tabletop plasma thawer available (only 22 cm/8.5 in wide)
  • Most cost-effective, fully-automated plasma thawer available
  • Uses a patented sliding motion to agitate the plasma and help circulate the bath water
  • Plasma bag ports kept out of water; hands remain dry during loading and unloading
  • Bright white, corrosion-resistant, sanitary, PVC construction is easy to clean & maintain
  • Temperature setting from 25.0°C to 40.0°C (preset to 37.0°C) accurate to ±0.1°C
  • Very compact (WxDxH):  22cm x 54cm x 35cm (8.5in x 21in x 14in)

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CT-4S Plasma Thawer Defroster Agitation


  • Primary and secondary overheat protection systems
  • Audible and visual high temperature alarm
  • Built-in overheat self test
  • Thaw time fully programmable (to within 1 min)
  • Thaw temperature fully programmable (to within 0.1°C)


  • Integrated digital display shows temperature within 0.1°C and remaining thaw time
  • Simple, safe, fully-automated operation
  • Integrated, back-lit display with plain text messages
  • Digitally controlled


  • Quick connect drain system efficiently empties the water bath for easy, convenient cleaning
  • The operator’s gloves never come in contact with the water in the Bath when handling the plasma bags


  • Comes with evaporation cover and draining hose
  • FDA Cleared and CE Marked
  • Available in 115V or 230V
  • 2 year warranty (warranty extensions available)
  • Made in the USA

The CytoTherm CT-4S Plasma Thawer is a compact laboratory instrument that uses a water temperature bath with recirculating pump and a patented sliding action (US Pat No. 4,486,389) to agitate both the water in the bath and the thawing plasma inside of the plasma bag. The CT-4S sliding action pushes the plasma bags against moving bars to stir the plasma inside of the bag and agitate the water in the water bath. This combination of forces results in a much faster thawing time.

The CT-4S comes with a rack that will thaw 1 to 4 plasma bags (up to 600 ml) at a time. The operator never comes in contact with the water in the bath when handling the plasma bags. The rack keeps the plasma bag ports of flat-frozen plasma bags out of the water so an overwrap bag is not necessary. The compact CT-4S comes up to temperature quickly because of the small volume of water in the bath. An integrated, back-lit display indicates the temperature and counts down the thawing time.

Link to Video on YouTube:  CT-4S Plasma Thawer Video on YouTube

Download Instruction Manual:  CT-4S Plasma Thawer Instruction Manual